Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sex&The City Interview with the cast!


Everyone is beyond Excited for the Sex & the City Movie and everyone couldn't stop talking when the trailer came out, but here's a recent interview with all the girls, it's just one step closer!! ahhh!


Sarah Jessica Parker: "The movie doesn’t pick up right where the series ended, it's a few years later, which makes everything—well, in terms of Carrie’s life specifically, there's much more at stake. There’s a lot more time invested in her relationship with Big, and obviously in her friendships, her career and what she thinks is the destination point in her life."

Cynthia Nixon: Miranda is still in Brooklyn, is still unhappy about it, and still advancing at her job, in her firm. Her son is thriving but her marriage is kind of mmmmm—not doing so great. We are dealing with unfaithfulness, but even more than unfaithfulness, I think we are just dealing with the daily grind that can take its toll on a relationship.

Miranda also has her mother-in-law who has Alzheimer’s to care for, which takes up a lot of time. So I think that just the relationship suffers, the relationship is the dispensable thing on the back burner.

Kristin Davis: Charlotte is trying to be a good mother. She has her adopted daughter, and she’s an overachiever so #1 in her mind would be to be a good mother and friend, and a good wife, too. My fear is that there are no surprises left. People are going to pay to see it and I hope there will be something that will be a surprise.

Cynthia Nixon: We're all kind of further along in our lives. But I also think two things: One is that in order to justify our coming back, and also being on the big screen, we need to have big stories. They can't be about "I'm dating a guy and he’s got funky spunk!" That’s funny, but that’s not going to carry us through the film.

Kim Cattrall: Samantha is older, we all are. And that in itself is huge. It’s a huge struggle in our world, still. And that’s why I am so happy to be of a certain age playing a woman of a certain age. We changed the way people thought about 40, so maybe we can do that with 50 and maybe 60, hopefully...

hope you enjoyed that! I'm so excitedd!! Release Date is on May 30, 2008! Counting the dayss!


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