Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pete Wentz Speaks out!

Pete Wentz speaks out about his attempt on commiting suicide
Pete is speaking out on that incident to try and raise awareness as part of the Jed Foundation’s Half Of Us campaign that wants to cut teenage suicide rates. Here is a recent interview about it..
“The darkest moment was when we had just finished recording out major label record and two days later we were going to go to Europe and I felt completely lost and out of control.

At that point, I’d seen some doctors and they were Hollywood doctors so they gave me a cocktail (of prescription drugs) but I was kind of the drugstore cowboy, so I took the cocktail the way I wanted to take it.

I got in my car. I remember I was listening to Jeff Buckley doing Leonard Cohen’s (song) Hallelujah and sat there and took a bunch of (prescription drug) Adavan in a Best Buy (store) parking lot.

And I called up my manager because I was, at that point, completely out of my head with Adavan. And I was talking to him and I was slurring my words, so he called my mom and my mom called me and she came and got me and we went to the hospital.

I came home and we realised that we needed to do more than just keep (my) head above water. It’s not really about keeping your head above water, it’s about feeling all right and feeling safe in your own skin. It’s not about keeping your head above water and barely keep going.”

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