Monday, March 17, 2008

J-LO & Mark Anthony out after the birth of there twins!

Here is JLO & husband Mark Anthony for the first time after having there twins. A poster from JJbuzznet had this to say about the lovely couple after meeting them recently!

"I was backstage at Saturday Night Live in New York this weekend, and who showed up but new parents Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony! They only stayed for about an hour (Jennifer said she was anxious to get back to her three-week old babies), but I happily discovered upon meeting the couple that they are both lovely, lovely people. They introduced themselves to everyone and there was no diva behavior to speak of. J. Lo looked great-not only was she glowing and gorgeous, but was dressed to the nines. She was wearing a short, white dress (and thankfully has not gotten crazy about losing the baby weight, her tummy was still round), and four-inch black strappy shoes."

Jlo Looks extremly exausted, but hey she just had tiwns, we cant blame her!

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