Monday, March 17, 2008

Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger!


Michelle Williams takes a walk with daughter Matilda Rose Ledger, 2 around New York City on Sunday. Michelle recently did an interview with Elle Magazine, here is a sneak peek..

On Matilda being a Brooklyn baby:
“She’s such a New York kid. That’s what she’s thinking about, going home. Every morning we go to the coffee shop. She’s ready to go back and get her bagel, and I’m ready to get a really good cup of coffee.”

On Matilda being her greatest treasure: When I have too much free time, that’s when things start to get a little messy. (Tears pool in eyes, then she smiles.) Matilda’s the prize. She’s bigger to me than any relationship, bigger than the awards. She’s what came out of it.”

Aww Matildia is ADORABLE! Bless there family!

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