Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lauren Conrad Newest Blog!

Lauren Conrad from "The Hills" recently did an interview with US WEEKLY but she tells us they changed her words up a little, this is what Lauren, 22 had to say on her most recent blog!“Hey! I just wanted to take a moment to clear something up. I recently did an interview to talk about the show coming back on and what everyone had to look forward to. Unfortunately it was turned into yet another “poor me” story. The article itself is a nice one but it follows headlines that, in no way, represent my words or feelings. I do not feel betrayed by Audrina or Brody. I love them both and said nothing to contradict this. I understand that headlines sell magazines, but I value my friendships above magazine sales any day. On a more positive note, I got to see some of the first episode yesterday and it looks amazing. I’m sooooooo excited for everyone to see Paris. Best wishes and I hope everyone tunes in Monday.”

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Anonymous said...

okay the stupid people need to get their facts str8 and stop makin my best friend lauren loooook baddd

and its not gonna make her hate audrina or brody so they really need to stop, okay telll them forme roxxy to stop makin things up about lauren